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What is Optisperm:

In the study, researchers led by Columbia University's School of Public Health and Rutgers School of Public Health assessed the stress levels of 193 men, aged 38-49. Their stress levels were measured at work, they were asked about any stressful life events, and perceived stress was examined overall. They were also required to submit a semen sample. In the end, those who tested higher for work stress and who experienced at least two stressful life events had lower quality semen and lower percentages of sperm motility and normal sperm morphology, even when other factors like age and weight were ruled out.

About Optisperm:

In addition to reducing stress levels naturally through meditation, lifestyle changes, and possible medical intervention, males who are experiencing infertility can use Optisperm to supplement their efforts to restore normal sperm levels. Although reducing stress levels can and should improve semen quality, Optisperm can provide crucial nutrients the body needs to produce normal sperm for a quicker recovery. For more information about how Optisperm works, its ingredients and customer testimonials

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